Date of Observation
Roost Details
Give specific details on the location e.g. is it in the attic, under roof tiles, inside the building, in a tree hole, underneath bark of a tree:

Vi river litet hus och ur en knut ramlade den här fladdermusen ner - oturligt i en tunna med vatten. Fladdermusen blev snabbt upptagen men blöt, lite chockad kanske.
Tiden 11.00 ca är sovtid vet vi, hoppas den piggar på sig.


Where is the Roost
House / Cabin
How long has it been used by Bats
Only This Year
How do you know it's a Bat Roost
Seen Bat Roosting
How many Bats use this Roost approximately
Do you have sound files of recorded Bats
No (but I agree someone else can monitor on my behalf)
How did you hear about BatMapper?: -radio -tv -newspaper -online news -social media - other (please give details)