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We have had bats under the roof since I was a child. The cottage first belonged to my grandparents, then from 1965 to my parents, and from 1993 to me and my husband. There were bats already during my grandparents time, I remember being surprised when my grandfather could not hear them which I could then.

Apparently, they live between the outer and inner roof, as we cannot see them from inside the attic during day time. Except during very warm weather, when they hang from the inner roof in the open attic.

The observation date is the latest observation, yesterday 1st of July, when we sat outdoors in the evening, watching the last woodcock rounds and the bats leaving the house. 

Where is the Roost
House / Cabin
How long has it been used by Bats
>10 Years
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With "other" above, I mean that I have seen bats hangning from the inner roof in the attic, I have seen them leaving from the roof in the evening, I have cleaned out droppings from the attic floor and I could hear them until my early 20ies.

Numbers: I guess between 10 and 20

How did you identify them
Visually Identified Bat
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