Date of Observation
Sighting Details
Do you know what species you observed?

Not exactly, due to the late hour and falling darkness I could see any bats. But I could hear the squeeking sounds they do and one was right next to my head.

What did you observe?
Additional question - Can you give further details on the observation e.g. behavior, habitat etc:

Habitat: A lot of forest around here. I got the feeling they moved around between the trees in my garden and flew around in circles.


Behavior: I could hear a few bats flying around as mentioned above in circles. And why I'm making the assumption is because I could hear the sounds from them getting distant (like 10-15m away) and getting closer and so on.

Observation: I couldnt see one fully but a dark "lump" flying around is all I saw. On the other hand one flew so close to my head I could feel the wind from it's wings.

How many bats did you see?
How did you identify them
Visually Identified Bat
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