Ansjö 208

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No, sorry

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I just noticed bats (2) flying past my window.
Can you give further details on the observation e.g. behavior, habitat etc:

It is far from unusual seeing bats in this area at this time of the year. Can often be easy to spot with the comparatively "bright" skies as background even during night. This is a rural area with a number old barns etc. I am not certain if the bats are actually dwelling in our summer house or if they spend there days somewhere else.

They use to fly around trying to catch insects (I suppose). Since I don't stay up all night I can't tell if they go on all night or if they are active only "part time". However, I have made observations now and then almost the nights through, even if this was the first observation this year - we arrived here around 8 pm today. 

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Can't quite remember but it must have been news media, most likely radio.