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Several recordings (approx 15 nights):

Pipistrellus pygmaeus 

Eptesicus nilssonii

Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Myotis duabentonii

Nyctalus noctula

Some recordings (possible ambiguous identifications):

Plecotus auritus

Myotis myotis

Plecotus australis

Eptesicus serotinus

Myotis dasycneme

Nyctalus leisleri


What did you observe?
Can you give further details on the observation e.g. behavior, habitat etc:

P. pygmaeus  and E. nilssonii very abundant with many recordings each night. Visually I have seen the bats hunting in the garden (fairly close to the ground) and along the house. Big broadleaved trees and dense shrubbery areas surround small open grassy area. One of the few more lush areas on the pennisula that is otherwise typical bedrock with sparse pine trees.  150 m to the sea. Also a some small freshwater ponds.

Batdetector = Echo meter touch 2 professional

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