Date of Observation
Sighting Details
Do you know what species you observed?

No, I’m a simple man. Definitely a bat though!

What did you observe?
Other (What did you Observe)
While I was sitting on a bench at Skogskyrkogården, listening to the Blackbirds and getting scoffed by a gang of Ravens that wanted to go to sleep, an unidentified bat came racing!
Can you give further details on the observation e.g. behavior, habitat etc:

Well, it’s a cemetary: lawns, headstones, a burial chapel and really old pine trees ... . I estimate the flying altitude to half way upp the hight of the pines.

How many bats did you see?
How did you identify them
Visually Identified Bat
How did you hear about BatMapper?: -radio -tv -newspaper -online news -social media - other (please give details)
SR P1, last year