Where can I find out more information about Swedish bats?

Naturvårdsverket, Fladdermus I Sverige, fladdermus.net and BatLifeSweden have some useful information about bat species.


What do I do if I find an injured bat?

Naturvårdsverket have information on what to if you find an injured bat.


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Flying Daubenton's bat. Image by Jens Rydell (http://www.fladdermus.net)


What do I do if I find bats in my house?

There is some good advice from Naturvårdsverket on finding bats in your house.


How many species of bats are there in Sweden?

There are 19 species in Sweden and for more information see Naturvårdsverket.


How can I listen to and identify bat species?

You will need a bat detector in order to listen to and record the ultrasonic frequency calls that bats make. You can find useful information on the types of detectors here.


How can I connect to other people interested in bats?

In Sweden there is a Facebook group called Fladdermöss I Sverige where you connect with other people interested in bats.  They also arrange some meetings and bat walks mainly in Skåne.