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Ge specifika detaljer om platsen t.ex. ligger det på vinden, under takplattor, inuti byggnaden, i ett träd, under bark av ett träd:

They live in the space behind the bricks and house structure at the southern brick facade (the high facade of a two story house).
Probably also under the roof tiles since I have found dead bats there at two occasions.

We have had bats as long as I can remember in our house. I can't remember more than back as a kid, but they have been there every year since at least the 70's.

Two times they accidentally flew in to the house, but we managed to get them out unharmed.

hus / stuga
Hur länge har kolonin använts av fladdermöss:
> 10 år
Hur vet du att det är en fladdermöss koloni?
Jag såg en fladdermöss i byggnad eller träd.
Hur många fladdermöss finns i denna koloni ungefär?
Vet du vilken art som finns i kolonin

I can't tell which specie, but will attach two photos. Perhaps you can identify them?

I'm not sure they are the same kind. The ears look much bigger on the flying one, but perhaps that's just a difference between adults and juveniles, or something like that?

One was found dead under the window sill, where you can spot the thin space between the bricks and house structure.
The other is from a shot out on the porch where they often fly by.

Under sill



Har du ljudfiler av inspelade fladdermöss?
Dead under window sill, 2:nd floor
Flying on the backside of the house