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Vet du vilken art du såg:

probably a brown log-eared bat, my neighbour looked it up. 

Vad observerade du?
Annan (Vad observerade du?)
a dead one
Kan du ge mer information om observationen, t.ex. beteende, livsmiljö etc:

We have had bats around our farm for quite some time, both in the house and barn. Once when I was younger (probably around 2012 or something) I found one sleeping near the ground in the barn, and there used to be bats right above my bed in the roof. A couple of years later we found a dead one, also in the barn. I'm not too sure but I think they were the same species. Our barn is old and there's a lot of potential hiding spaces in the roof. We still see bats flying in the summer.

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Hur hörde du om BatMapper?: -radio -tv -tidning -online nyheter -sociala media - andra (ge detaljer)
Through naturmorgon on sveriges radio.