Two bats observed

Date of Observation
Sighting Details
Do you know what species you observed?

No,  I don't know the species. 


What did you observe?
Additional question - Can you give further details on the observation e.g. behavior, habitat etc:

Saw first one bat flying back and forth outside my window,  then one more joined and I saw them flying for a short while and then diseperd. 

It was a varm, still summer night and I guess there were lots of insects in the in the air.

Haven't seen bats since childhood,  living in same town since a child I am very glad to see those  little animals again after 50 years!

That said there hasn't been any but it's rare to see them I guess.

Live in a small town with rural areas close by.

How many bats did you see?
How did you identify them
Visually Identified Bat
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